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  • You Need to Hear This Shoreditch Venue
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  • You Need to Hear This - Crowd
Posted: 30th October 2013By: AdminTags: Standard

Philips - You Need to Hear This - Tweet Your Pick DJ session

Building on the existing 'You Need to Hear This' campaign and to encourage young urbanites to reappraise their audio products, Philips wanted to create a unique audio-themed event to appeal to their key target audience and launch their Shoreditch store.

The We Few team responded with the idea of people-powered playlist, controlled by Twitter and voted for real-time by the attendees on the night. The talent commissioned were some of the best young UK based DJs, Jen Long (Radio 1) DJ Tomfoolery (Bless Resident DJ and Reading Festival regular) to help make the concept a reality. The voting mechanic worked with screens around the Shoreditch venue which displayed two song choices. Attendees were asked to tweet the code of the track they wanted to hear, their vote influenced a live polling chart on-screen and the most voted for track was next to be mixed in.

The targeted recruitment drive for the event meant that the guest list was select, but importantly included online influencers, local urban taste-makers and a select list of industry partners keen to understand the product line's new positioning.

Promotional collateral highlighted an attractive in-store offer at Boxpark , creating a strong link to product trial and increased purchase.

Jason Megson, Managing Partner at We Few said " This type of event is perfect for us to showcase how new technology can augment brand experience. Not only were we able to deliver a truly unique event which allowed attendees to have real-time influence on the course of the evening, we were able to do it in a highly relevant way to Philips audio products."